Showcasing Khmers in the Creative Arts Industry.

Recognizing Inspiring Organizations and Aspiring Individuals.

Author: Cambodian Alliance for the Arts

Full Circle – An Exercise In Reconstructing

"Full Circle"

The room is gray. The floors are gray and the cushions are gray. The walls are white, but the lighting is so dim they may as well be gray. The circular canvas sheet on which the performance is taking place …

Wrapped Future Examines Phnom Penh’s Borders

Wrapped Future

It’s a big green fence. That’s what I thought when I walked in to Sa Sa Bassac last Saturday night. I was there for the opening of Wrapped Future, a solo exhibition by Phnom-Penh based artist Lim Sokchanlina. The single …

Chantria Tram – Actress, Playwright, and Artistic Director of Apsara Theatre Company

Chantria Tram

Chantria was born in Cambodia. She lived in the Thai refugee camps for three years before arriving in Canada. Chantria and her family resettled in Hull, Quebec when she was six years old. She grew up in a small town, …

Enemies of the People DVD released tomorrow

Enemies of the People

The film is the product of more than 10 years hard work by inspirational Cambodian journalist Thet Sambath. Sambath has been on a personal quest, because he lost his own family in Cambodia’s Killing Fields. The film is his journey …

My Asian Americana

My Asian Americana

Exiles and ex-pats unite as a community to present images of an Americana they left behind. One half live outside the US by choice while the other half has been forcibly returned. All are Americans. Each raised with the memories, …

Bones in the Dirt

Bones in the Dirt

Bones In The Dirt is a collection of memoir/investigative essays exploring narratives of trauma in Cambodia. I will be moving to Phnom Penh for the research and writing of Bones In The Dirt, and am seeking funding for living expenses …

“Against the Odds”- From the Killing Fields to Academia, A Survival Story

Against the Odds

“Against The Odds” tells the amazing story of Dr. Emad Rahim, a survivor of the Cambodian Killings Fields. Dr. Rahim overcame a lot of adversity, from losing his older brother and father in a concentration camp in Cambodia, surviving an …

Full Monday Moon Brings A New Voice to Contemporary Khmer Identity

Bochan Huy - Full Monday Moon

It’s said that, in the best of art, form is an extension of content. What the artist is expressing is informed by how the artist expresses it. In this regard, Oakland-based singer Bochan’s new album Full Monday Moon is nothing …