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Casting Roles for movie “Paulina”


Now casting roles for the movie “Paulina”.
Synopsis: Paulina, a 17 year old girl living in the Cambodian gambling community, struggles with her father and the realities of addiction.
Paulina will go into production November 2011-December 2011 in Long Beach, CA.
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Casting List

Lead / Female / Asian / 17 – 24 years
Description: Young Cambodian American high school student whose on the cusp of a gambling addiction.

Supporting / Male / Cambodian / 40 – 60 years
Description: A 48 year old survivor of the Killing Fields, who has succumb to a life of extreme gambling. His life has limited him in many ways and is beginning to affect his youngest daughter.

Om Oung
Supporting / Female / Cambodian / 40 – 50 years
Description: A pistol mouth, confident, overbearing, aging woman whose past-time is playing cards.

Supporting / Female / Asian / 30 – 40 years
Description: A donut shop owner whose thrived on the value of hard work and family.

Supporting / Male / Asian/ 50 – 60 years
Description: A one armed man, who was in his previous life: a doctor. He is currently a resident gambler who passes his time with the only community he feels understands him.

Supporting / Female / Asian / 25 – 35 years
Description: A manicurist who has assumed guardianship of her youngest sister and struggles in maintaining the deteriorating relationship.

Aunt Banana
Supporting/Female/Cambodian/50-60 years
Description: an entrepreneur who spends her nights selling food at the local gambling house.

Mr. Cleary
Supporting / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 – 40 years
Description: A compassionate high school teacher.

Description: The local tough guy.

Description: The local tough guy

Description: A regular patron of the gambling house.

Baby Lucy
Featured/female/Asian/1-2 years
Description: Daughter of Sara.

Background/male/Asian/7-10 years
Description: Son of a frequent patron of the gambling house.

Background/Female/Asian/5-11 years
Description: Daughter of a patron of the gambling house.

Note: Asides from these specific casting roles, we also need featured and background patrons.

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