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Christophe Lan – French Cambodian Singer

Christophe Lan

Christophe Lan is a product of globalization. Born in Paris, France- and now based in Warsaw, Poland. Lan is the first Cambodian French person to be singing for the Mirabilia Musica, Poland’s National Folk Ballet. Lan has been singing in their vocalist ensemble for seven years. Mirabilia Musica is best known for their classical, religious, musical performances. Lan’s father is from Cambodia and his mother is a native of France. Lan has traveled and lived in various countries and knows over four languages. Since his first singing lesson at age 17, Christophe discovered he had a natural talent and a passion for singing. Due to his language abilities, Christophe is an intentional singer: “Yes, I love to sing and have sang in various languages including Polish, French and German. I studied musicology (studies of music and culture), which helped prepare me for my current professional singing career. I am proud to say that I am the first Cambodian French who sang for the Mazowsze Zespol Ludowy, which is the Polish National Ballet.”

Christophe Lan

Christophe believes that music has a powerful ability to stir emotion and create a sense of connectedness:

“Music is so peaceful and you can make somebody happy, even crying with joy. For anniversaries of funerals, I was singing here in Poland and people were so happy to hear me sing ave maria caccini. When I sing for an audience, I feel that I am connected with them, here and there and further, it is like an experimental sensation of being everywhere and in communion with people and nature. My whole body is shivering and sounding.”– Christophe

What musicians did you listen to while growing up?

Christophe: All kinds. My parents listened to Charles Aznavour, Sin Sisamouth, some other old singers from Cambodia, Georges Brassens, and Jacques Brel. We also attended philharmonic concerts and saw Mozart, Beethoven, HAYDN, and Barahms just to name a few.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Christophe: When I was 20 years old, I knew than that I would become a professional one-day.

How did you get involved with Mirabilia Musica?

Christophe: I met one of their tenors who was also a friend of my wife. He then invited me to sing with him and the group. I have stayed with them ever since.

What inspires you to sing?

Christophe: Honestly, everything inspires me; life, nature, the arts, happiness, sadness, my son, my wife, and Cambodia.

Can you explain your thought process in writing your lyrics?

Christophe: When I write, I just chose a theme or a melody and I work on it, in my head and then write it out.

What was your first gig or break into the industry?

Christophe: When I entered the Paris Orchestra Choir in 1999. It was my first time performing a concert with a survival from Warsaw, Schoenberg and Brahms Requiem.

What’s playing in your IPod?

Christophe: Sorry to say, I do not have an IPod. I am listening to the Beatles right now, “All You Need Is Love.”

What are your future goals in music?

Christophe: I am going to sing, compose, teach and maybe conduct a choir.

What advice would you give to others who want to get into music industry?

Christophe: I want to warn you that the industry can be hell at times. Do not enter the industry unless you truly love it. But, if you do want to, do it with hard work and be ready to live hard and humble times.

What is your favorite Khmer Dish?

Christophe: Amok.

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Christophe Lan

Christophe Lan

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