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Darry Valentino – Makeup Artist & Emerging Photographer

Darry Valentino

Darry Valentino is young, beautiful, talented & has more drive than people her age…need I say more?

“I’m a very outgoing, passionate and driven type of gal. Whatever I set out to do, I master and perfect it. I’m a self taught photo retoucher, makeup artist etc. I love all things vain, basically anything that’s eye pleasing. I went to school to be a vocal major and until this day, I don’t know how ended up being in the field I’m in. I lived in NYC for a few years as a photo retouching so i was kind of behind the scenes. I modeled on the side for extra side income. Even though I’m only 5’2, I get booked a lot because of the many talents I have. I was able to do hair, makeup, style and retouch. I’m in love with the photography world. Currently I’m working on booking photoshoots and working with young talented designers and stylists for my 2011 portfolio. Soon, I want to try to get on the other side of the lens; a photographer.” ~ Darry Valentino

Are you a 100% Cambodian?

Darry: I’m Cambodian and Chinese.

Were you born here? Where do you currently reside?

Darry: Yes I was born in the states. I currently reside in the burbs of Philly.

How would you describe your style?

Darry: I would say my style is sexy chic. My wardrobe is edgy with a sex appeal.

What’s your favorite designers/style icon?

Darry: There’s too may designers that I love; Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Dior, Chanel etc. My style icon would definitey be Lady Gaga, she’s crazy but she’s always dressed in the most outstanding pieces from designers.

How did you discover your talent/passion for makeup? Did you go to school or did you just learn on your own?

Darry: I’m a self taught makeup artist and I do freelance work. I’m on a temporary hiatus.

What are your favorite brands of makeup and why?

Darry: I use many different makeup brands but my most used would definitely be Chanel, YSL, Nars, Makeup Forever and MAC. I love YSL lipsticks, Nars blushes and lipglosses, Makeup forever lipsticks and eyeshadows, I love MAC’s eyeshadows and pigments and I love all things Chanel.

Is this a profession you see yourself in for the long run, or do you do it just for the love?

Darry: I love makeup but not as a profession. I want to pursue photography but who knows.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to get into the same profession?

Darry: My first advice would be, network network, network! Second, you would have to be really passionate about what you’re trying to pursue. The sky is the limit.

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Darry Valentino

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