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Oily Skin? I have your remedy

So, I’m sure a lot of you have this problem. It’s a nice day, somewhat hot but warm enough to go have a drink or lunch with the girls while people watching on a patio at your favorite spot. The only thing that you hate is that glow across your forehead that might blind the person sitting in front of you. Whether you have makeup on or not the shine somehow seeps through and by the time you get home it’s like you wiped your face with a piece of chicken from the KFC bucket.

Your remedy is less than $7 (depending on where you go) and best of all some of you probably already have it at home. Ready here you go…… it’s Phillips milk of magnesia! Yes, the laxative.

Phillips milk of magnesia

Use a cosmetic sponge and dab it on, then take even strokes across your face. Wait 5 minutes then apply the rest of your makeup as usual or not. Make sure it is the original flavor, and I have yet to meet anyone that has a bad reaction to it.

Believe me, it works better than the $20+ primers that they sell at your favorite cosmetic counter. I always have one in my makeup kit. So save those extra dollars and use it for that new bikini you’ve been eye balling.

Here is a video tutorial I found for those of you who are visual learners =)

So there you go ladies and gents, if there is anything you would like to ask me in regards to beauty or makeup tips please feel free to drop me a line. Until next time, bye beauties!

“Makeup should be fun, not fascist!” ~Kevin Aucion

Originally Posted by Phi G.

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