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Ratha Sok – Co-founder of 2Kool Clothing

Ratha Sok

Meet Ratha Sok- Co-Founder and Business Director of 2Kool Clothing. Graffiti artist turned entrepreneur, this 21 year old already has a growing empire. 2 Kool is not just a collection of urban t-shirts, it’s an art community. An art community that consists of a group of creative individuals coming together to educate the youth through art workshops while providing them with a venue where they can express themselves. They also provide a service that creates custom murals to local businesses and schools in efforts to beautify walls with creativity and positive change. 2Kool’s team of diverse artists and members has united Denver’s community and youth through the love of art. Be sure to follow 2Kool as they plan to expand their apparel line and check out their Viral TV!

“At a very young age, I was attracted to developing and managing a successful business. As a result, I am unafraid to take those seemingly impossible leaps in my career. Combining my artistry with a set of marketing and interpersonal skills makes 2Kool an asset to the community at large.” – Ratha

Are you 100% Cambodian?

Ratha: I am 100% Cambodian and American!

Where were you born and where do you reside?

Ratha: I was born here in Denver, Colorado and this is where I remain.

When did you start your clothing company 2Kool?

Ratha: 2Kool was started by Bimmer Torres and me in 2008 and now 2Kool is a creative company composed of young adults who are focused on creating lasting change within the community while ultimately doing what we love! We provide venues for youth to genuinely express themselves while coaching them on how to become entrepreneurs and channels of positive change. Through our art and apparel, 2Kool is able to communicate to a vast audience our desire for transformation while solidifying the forms of art that were born on our streets yet never recognized as real art.

When was the first time you picked up a can of spray paint?

Ratha: I picked up my first spray can at the age of 15 and looked at it as a creative tool for me to express myself.

What inspires you?

Ratha: What inspires me the most is my family, my team and my community. My family because I come from a low-class family and seeing all of the struggles we have been through it has always inspired me to achieve greater goals in life. My team and my community also inspires me because we all come from different unique backgrounds.

What made you switch gears from spray painting a brick wall to a t- shirt, thus turning it into a business?

Ratha: As I grew older I wanted to take my passions; graffiti and entrepreneurship and merge the two together to create a product/service to help inspire change and creativity with urban arts but also to make one of my dreams into reality and run a business that works and that is successful.

Prior to starting your 2kool clothing, did you have any formal training in business?

Ratha: I’m currently a student at Metropolitan State College of Denver, minoring in entrepreneurship and majoring in business management. Prior to that I have taking many small business courses when I knew I wanted to be a successful young entrepreneur. I took courses starting at the age of 16, courses at YouthBiz, The Greater Good Academy, Cultural Business Communication and many more. I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and feel that education is a one the huge keys to success!

Your company is heavily involved with the community in Denver. How so?

Ratha: We create and host workshops for urban youth and the community by showing them that graffiti is an art form and how it can be used in a positive way. And we also offer the opportunity for people to connect with each other in a comfortable community setting.
Collectively we are a powerful group of motivated young people with diverse skills, knowledge, and experience. We are motivated and committed to creating change in our community. Together, with our efforts we can make Denver a safer and healthier environment for all. We collaborate with the community to beautify walls in Denver with inspirational murals.

What is your favorite Khmer dish?

Ratha: mMmm.. Yao hon

What person/public figure do you admire and why?

Ratha: I admire lots of people but mostly my mom and my girlfriend, they have really helped inspired me to become a better person for my community, family and friends and to achieve greater goals in life.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs like yourself?

Ratha: My advice to other aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is to not waste your talents and to dream BIG, be passionate, be creative and think differently most of all to take action!

What are your futures goals for 2Kool?

Ratha: My future goals for 2Kool right now is to expand our apparel line and get our catalog out to different retails and last to book murals, workshops and lectures at different schools, organizations and businesses all around Colorado.

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Ratha Sok

Ratha Sok

Ratha Sok

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