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Cham Sou – Social Justice/Community Activist

Cham Sou

Although only 25 years old, this young man is wise beyond his years and has one of the biggest hearts I know. I met him at an Asian American writing workshop back in the summer of 2009. “OhmiGOD, are you …

Rey Vy – Emerging Pop Singer and Gay Activist

Rey Vy

Meet Rey V. Rey was first recognized on TV’s ”America’s Got Talent” as one of the top 40 youtube singers. Since then, Rey has received offers for movie roles and has released his own single “Murderer”. As a 14 year …

Ikandy – Model, Aspiring Actress and Activist


Meet IKandy. When modeling seemed to be an accomplished dream for many girls all over the world, it didn’t suffice for Karen. She wanted to fight for Cambodian rights. Putting her notoriety to good use, Karen Co- Founded “The SCC …