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Emerging Hip Hop Artist/Producer – Phinale


Meet Phinale, emerging hip hop artist and producer from Lowell, MA. A member of the local Cambodian rap group “Lost Perception”, Phinale is currently in the mix with his forthcoming album as a solo artist, “Emergency Exit Only”. He doesn’t …

William Fortune – Hip Hop Artist/Vandaliss

William Fortune

Vandaliss consists of three solo artists from Bridgeport, Connecticut: Eccentrix, Fortune, and Hou kid. They formed together in 2003 and decided to take their music to the next level in the summer of 2010. After establishing a name for themselves …

Universal Speakers – All Female Hip Hop Group

Universal Speakers

I am an avid YouTuber and I love being entertained! I ran across this group of young ladies who call themselves Universal Speakers. I haven’t seen or heard of an all female Asian rap group, so I decided to listen …

GoldenChyld – Atlanta’s Emerging Hip Hop Artist


Known for his substance rhymes, Atlanta based hip hop artist GoldenChyld (real name Michael Chrouk) by way of California cultivated his southern swag from growing up in the hub of southern rap. Atlanta houses a slew of prolific rap artists …

Mario Chheng – Hip Hop Artist

Mario Chheng

Meet Mario C, he is a Cambodian American rapper from Long Beach, California. In the summer of 2009, he signed his first production deal under producer Seven Aurelius. In this time, he worked on music with such artists as ‘The …

Jeff Lek – Hip Hop Artist/Singer

JL Jupiter

With a unique sound and look, Jeff Lek a.k.a. JL Jupiter is ready to take over the music world. Born in Cambodia and raised in South Jersey/Philly, JL has found his gift in music. At an early age, he was …

Chantha Luk – Hip Hop Artist

Chantha Luk - Hip Hop Artist

Meet Chantha Luk a.k.a. C. Luk, Hip Hop Artist. After building street cred and gaining props from his peers with his lyrical ability. C. Luk is known as one of Philadelphia’s most respected underground hip hop artists. Don’t worry; C. …