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About Us

The Mission

Our mission is to recognize, encourage, and promote Cambodian and Non-Cambodian Artists throughout the world. We do this by providing a platform where we showcase fellow Khmers who are inspiring and who aspire to be a star. We also recognize individuals and organizations who support our country by featuring their projects and goals.

The Origin

Tyan Young and Sophia Sanh are the original founders of Cambodian Alliance for the Arts, with credit given to Tyan for coming up with the name. Although Tyan and Sophia are no longer running Cambodian Alliance for the Arts, they will always be the ones known for paving the way for this site to come to fruition and creating an open platform for artists all over the world to get their work featured. You may see new contributions to the site from them here and there, so don’t worry about them being gone forever! You can also follow them in their other endeavors here:

Tyan Young

Sophia Sanh

Additional Contributors

There were also many other writers who contributed to the content on the original Cambodian Alliance for the Arts website. We just wanted to give a special shout out to the following people: Kimthea L., Pina H., Lauren Q., Phi G., Sopheak K., Vanny K., and Yenly T. Their help was invaluable and helped get many more artists featured on the site.

Current Site Admins

You’re probably wondering who is running the CAA site if it’s not Sophia and Tyan. The current site managers are Selina and Wayne of WayLay Design. We are volunteering our time and donating our resources to help keep CAA up and running. Even though our business is building sites for others, we’re still new at actually managing blogs. The work involved in designing and coding sites is drastically different than creating content, so we greatly appreciate any and all contributions to the website content to further support and promote the spread of the Cambodian culture and arts as we get accustomed to our new role. The new design of the CAA site was quietly rolled out on November 1, 2013, and as we continue to move forward with CAA, we will be introducing new features that we think would be great for the site. Thanks for all of your support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!