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Build A City Project Sponsored by the People for Care & Learning

Goal: $2.25 million

Build A City

People for Care and Learning is a nonprofit organization that created the “Build A City” project in which they aim to build a new city in Khan Dang Kao, Cambodia, one home at a time over the course of 3 years starting Feb. 6, 2012. Every $1,000 raised covers the costs to build one home, and the cost of the entire project is $2.25 million. So far, $1.4 million (over 60%) of the project’s goal has been raised.

The great thing about donating to this project is that you can be assured that 100% of the donations go towards the actual costs of building the city. All other administrative, operational, marketing and research costs are raised separately.

The inspiration behind this project was to improve the plumbing and housing conditions of Andong village. When the rainy seasons come, there is no proper drainage system to prevent flooding, causing unsanitary living conditions as trash and sewage travel to residents who end up using the waste materials to make unstable homes. The well water in Andong Village is also contaminated with metals, and clean water is much too far away. The Build A City project aims to carefully create a new architecture of a city that will provide its residents with a safe and healthy environment.

The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable model that can be replicated in other areas of Cambodia as well as other countries that face similar challenges.

Click here to see the different ways you can help People for Care and Learning achieve their goal.

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