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Special Note From A Guest: Harpswell Foundation’s Music Program


My name is Jocelyn and I have been living in Phnom Penh as a volunteer teacher with the Harpswell Foundation and a volunteer at Mercy Clinic. If you are not familiar with the Harpswell Foundation ( it is an amazing …

A Cambodian American Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica

Peace Corps

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you an article I wrote & published in the Peace Corps Costa Rica newspaper about my experience as a Cambodian American volunteer in Costa Rica. I hope some of you will plan to …

Yenly Thach – Cambodian American Scholar

Yenly Thach and May-Lee Chai

I had the great opportunity to interviewed May-lee Chai last Friday in San Francisco, CA. I guess I was not the only one doing the interviewing! Below is an article that she wrote about me! I hope you enjoy it! …

Fashion Corner: Do-It-Yourself: One-Sleeve Cape Dress

One Sleeve Cape Dress

Back in October I made this dress with the intention to wear it to a New Year’s party, but later I fell in-love with the idea of wearing gold on this celebratory evening event. This dress was once a long …

Passport to National Identity

Yenly Thach

As I waited in line along the Thai-Cambodian border portal, I walked with my head high, North Face backpack on my back—you know, the one that many 20-some years old westerners carry with them while traveling in a developing country–and …