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Help Build A Classroom for the Children of Kasekam Village

Goal: $4,500
Deadline: November 23, 2013

Future Khmer Children

Future of Khmer Children is an organization based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They run English classes for underprivileged children in Kasekam Village, however, the manager of the building in which they were renting a room from evicted them, saying that they needed the room back for other purposes. After their eviction, FKC did get a plot of land donated to them, but potential donors ended up backing out of funding the construction of a new building.

FKC has started a crowdfunding campaign on in which they are seeking to raise $4,500 in order to cover the cost of building a basic wooden structure with a metal roof and a concrete floor, a structure that FKC has at a school in another village (Nokor Krao) that has withstood weather and seasonal changes.

Ideally, FKC would like to raise $45,000, which would be enough to build a community center, library, health center, and classrooms, but right now, they are focused on just raising enough money to build the classroom so that the children can begin their lessons again.

There’s only 19 days left in the campaign, and FKC is almost halfway to their goal. If you would like to donate to help build a classroom for the children of Kasekam Village, please visit FKC’s page on

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