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Narin Jameson: “Cooking the Cambodian Way”

Narin Jameson

After arriving in the US in 1972, Narin Seng Jameson became homesick and yearned for the food of her childhood as a way to stay connected to home. After much research and persistence, she is now releasing the cookbook, “Cooking …

May-Lee Chai – Author of "Dragon Chica"

May-Lee Chai

Wearing my shape-up shoes and my red-hot business coat, I walked more than two miles up the steep hills of San Francisco for the opportunity to get up close and personal with the award-winning author and educator May-lee Chai. Before …

Kimthea Layasia – Creator of Fashion Blog Pursuit for Vintage

Kimthea Pursuit for Vintage

Meet Kimthea Layasia San Juan, creator of the fashion blog Pursuit for Vintage. Her blog is a one stop shop for all things fashion from how- to make your own earrings, learn about the latest trends from the runway and …

Sarun Chan – Founder of Amara Magazine

Sarun Chan

Meet Sarun Chan, Founder of Amara Magazine. With an average of 15,000 + hits for the first 2 weeks and 3000 in between issues, Philadelphia based magazine, Amara reports news and reviews about food & drink, culture, arts, music and …

Santel Phin – Creator of

Santel Phin

Meet Santel. He runs a social media blog about Cambodia and always knows what’s going on in his country. If it happened, more than likely it’s on his blog. He’s smart, talented, determined and loves his country! “I was born …

Antonio Graceffo – Martial Arts Specialist & Linguist

Antonio Graceffo

Meet Antonio Graceffo: Antonio is a Linguist and Martial Arts specialist who travels all over Asia teaching English to under privileged children as well as various Universities. He speaks 8 different languages including Khmer. This New York born athlete is …