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Oily Skin? I have your remedy

Phillips milk of magnesia

So, I’m sure a lot of you have this problem. It’s a nice day, somewhat hot but warm enough to go have a drink or lunch with the girls while people watching on a patio at your favorite spot. The …

A Warm Welcome To Our New Beauty Editor – Phi Gomez

Phi Gomez

As you may have read earlier this week, we interviewed the ever so bubbly Phi. She will be our resident makeup guru. We are super excited to welcome her to the CAA team! She will have tons of wonderful makeup …

Phi Gomez – Makeup Artist

Phi Gomez

Makeup has become a vital part of today’s society. Whether it’s artistic makeup or just every day makeup, it makes us feel good about our selves! It’s such a versatile career. There are freelancers who work in the TV, film, …

Remy Hou – Fashion Designer to the Stars

Remy Hou

Since 2006, bespoke Fashion Designer Remy Hou has accumulated a stellar list of celebrity clientele. Clients such as John Legend, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more have sported his fashions on numerous shoots and red carpet events. Prior to becoming …

Tony So – Designer at Be Squared Clothing

Tony So

Inspired by motivational speakers and feel good quotes, Tony So is whipping up some fun and quirky original designs for his new T- shirt company Be Squared Clothing. Tony views fashion as a fun way of expression and doesn’t take …

Remy Hou to Design Custom Sneakers for Justin Bieber

Remy Hou Designs Justin Bieber Shoes

I am a total Justin Bieber fan! I’ve been watching him on Youtube before he even became famous. It’s so great to see Justin rising to the top of his game. Cambodian fashion designer Remy Hou is currently in the …

DIY: Recycled Plaid Shirt

DIY Recycled Plaid Shirt

This is one of the pieces that I created during my snowed in days. It’s one of my most fun pieces to make because it’s made from a recycled plaid shirt. My husband brought home a bunch of sample sale …

Sadi Thann – Miss Mass First Khmer Beauty Pageant Contestant

Sadi Thann

Meet Sadi Thann, Miss Massachusetts First Cambodian beauty pageant contestant. With a platform where her voice is heard, Sadi hopes to make a colossal difference in Cambodia. Her future objectives are to educate the children of tomorrow and teach them …