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Charles Fox – British Photographer Based in Phnom Penh

Charles Fox Photography

Charles Fox is a British photographer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He recently began pursuing a passion, which was looking at Found Cambodian Portraits from 1979 til the present day. Through pictures, Charles aims to highlight social and cultural changes and trends in Cambodia.

The inspiration for his passion came after he returned home to the UK after doing a stint working in Cambodia. He missed Cambodia so much that he found himself immersed in the Khmer community and culture in the UK. That is how he met Yanny, a Khmer artist and photographer. Charles and Yanny developed a deep connection and friendship and would talk for hours about Yanny’s work, discussing the significance of Yanny’s photographs. When Charles returned to Cambodia, he made a promise to himself and Yanny to start sharing these images in an attempt to see how society rebuilds itself through photography.

Every weekday, Charles posts an image on Twitter – @charlesfox79. Every week, he updates this Tumblr –

Please check out his Twitter and website for some interesting photographs from an older time that is sure to bring back some memories.

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