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Bill & Jamie Amelio – Making a Difference in Cambodia

Caring for Cambodia

Bill Amelio, along with his wife, Jamie are Founders of the Caring for Cambodia organization.

While vacationing in Cambodia seven years ago, Jamie Amelio expected to be wowed by the temples of Angkor Wat. Instead, Jamie and her husband Bill’s lives were not changed by the gorgeous temples but rather by a 9 year old girl with soulful eyes panhandling for a few dollars. Jamie then asked this little girl what she need it for and she reply to help pay for her tuition so she could stay in school. She wasn’t just asking for money, she was asking for hope. Within weeks of returning back home to Singapore, she established Caring for Cambodia.

Currently, the organization now serves 5,800 students from preschool to high school, providing meals, uniforms, bicycle, basic health and hygiene care and well-equipped classrooms with local teachers trained by CFC.

For more about Caring for Cambodia:

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Caring for Cambodia

Bill Amelio, the U.S.-bred C.E.O. of Lenovo & Founder of CFC

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