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Matthew Holt – Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization

Deadline: Late December 2013

Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt is a first year graduate student at the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare. Through Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization (CCDO), Matt and his classmates will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia where they will be facilitating/co-facilitating and teaching classes on everything from English to Artistic Expression.

Matt has set up a donation page through the CCDO website to raise funds to help cover his airfare, room, and board. Additional resources will also go towards sponsoring a new well for a local village.

Please check out Matt’s profile on the CCDO website to make a donation if you would like to help out.

“Thanks for your past, present and especially continued support that will allow me to give back to society. I trust that your generosity will make this possible.” – Matt

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