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Phuong Doan – Aspiring Fashion Designer/Model

Phuong Doan

Meet Phuong Doan. She’s not only a fashion designer, she’s a model, and a makeup artist. She started off doing nails and from there her passion of art inspired her to take it to the next level. I met her years ago through my younger sister. She is not your average girl, she is tatted almost everywhere! She loves art because it truly inspires her in her every day life. Not only does she design, she is also a model. I mean, what can’t she do?! Be on the watch out for this little vixen, because she is gonna take the fashion industry and shake things up.

“I started my fashion design career with a passion for clothes & shoes. I grew up in the beauty industry since a little girl. My parents opened a salon when I was 5, and from that day on I was put to work. Starting from cleaning, sweeping hair to cashing clients out, learning how to do nails and skincare. I grew up as a tomboy, which I think a lot of girls can relate to as they go through that phase. But I started to notice more girly clothes and already found passion in the beauty industry. And one day I pushed myself to look for a school for fashion design. I then went to the school interview and the prices were sky rocket high, it was just too good to be true! I went home and told my family but they actually tried to talk me out of it. Not only because it was really expensive, (40k for 2 years which means 80k for my BA) but because they didn’t think I could really follow through. I guess you could say they didn’t believe in me. I wanted to prove them wrong! I know I can do anything I put my mind to. As for my motto, it doesn’t hurt to try. I still love doing nails & skincare. Which is what I do to pay for my tuition. To me, it’s always a learning experience. Even with nails and skincare, every year I’m learning more and more and there are always newer and better techniques. I have almost 10 yrs experience and the knowledge I’ve learned will always be continued. I don’t think we ever stop learning, newer and better things. But also it’s great to educate yourself with new things in this growing generation. So here I am, finishing my Associates degree and working on my Bachelors. I am also working on a collection for this year and working on my own line and website and I also work full time 40 hours a week and full time school 20 hrs. And when I get a break, I do part time modeling for a private agency. I wish to grow and only strive for bigger and better things. That’s all we all can ever ask for, I believe in working hard to play harder.” – Phuong

Are you a 100% Cambodian? If not, what else?

Phuong: Nope, I’m half Vietnamese and Khmer.

When did you come to the states and where do you reside? Or were you born here, if so, where?

Phuong: I was born here in the states in Dothan, Alabama, but I’m not a country girl, lol

What is your position in the fashion industry?

Phuong: I am currently getting my degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, i love everything of the beauty and fashion industry.

Who are your favorite designers and why?

Phuong: Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and soooo many more, because of their exquisite designs!

What do you think about the body size of your models. Do you design for all shapes and sizes, if so why?

Phuong: I think it’s great to have different sizes and shape, everyone is unique in their own way. I don’t think there is a perfect figure, besides I would consider Kim Kardashian perfect, lol, I love her curves. I like the lucious curvy side than to be skinny skinny. And yes I would definitely design for all shape and sizes because I am petite myself, but I don’t fit most small clothes because I am a little curvier than the small petite clothes that are industrial made.

Which are your favorite pieces to design?

Phuong: Right now I am still in consideration of what I like to make, I like a lot of women’s clubwear, gowns, wedding dresses, beach wear and men’s wear.

Who would you say is your fashion icon(s) and why?

Phuong: Lady Gaga & Kim Kardashian. Lady Gaga because she is so different and fun but always bringing out new styles and trends. You would never see another like her and I love that about her. She is unique! And Kim because she is more reserved but stays very well dressed and stylish. I also love all her clothes!

What is your favorite khmer dish?

Phuong: I can honestly say I don’t know. lol. I am mixed therefore I believe some of the dishes could be either Viet or Khmer dish. lol. I love food so it would be hard.

Have you considered designing Cambodian clothing, such as high end sarongs, or cultural wear?

Phuong: YES!!! I have definitely thought about designing Asian wear.

What are your future goals in fashion?

Phuong: My future goal is to design my own line and expand into the fashion industry. I would like to open a few boutiques and sell worldwide, even through the web. But I take it one day at a time and I am a true believer of good hard work will pay off one day. Having faith!

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

Check out some of Phuong’s designs and sketches below!

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

Phuong Doan

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