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Yenly Thach – Cambodian American Scholar

I had the great opportunity to interviewed May-lee Chai last Friday in San Francisco, CA. I guess I was not the only one doing the interviewing! Below is an article that she wrote about me! I hope you enjoy it! Now, you (our supporter/viewer) have the opportunity to also get to know me! Thank you so much, May-lee!

Yenly Thach and May-Lee Chai

Profile: Yenly Thach
January 23, 2011 by mayleechai

I recently had the good fortune to meet with Yenly Thach, a contributing editor for Cambodian Alliance for the Arts

Yenly is a fascinating person—an advocate for refugees, writer, grad student at UC-Santa Barbara, and blogger (you can check out her blog here: Curious and Determined).

In so many ways—because of her bubbly outgoing personality, because of her quintessentially So-Cal look: the golden tan, the sun-streaked hair, because she talks fast and she’s both smart and funny—Yenly is the epitome of the Southern California All-American Girl Next Door. She is also herself a former refugee. These identities are not at all contradictory, if you really think about it.


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