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Fashion Corner: Do-It-Yourself: One-Sleeve Cape Dress

Back in October I made this dress with the intention to wear it to a New Year’s party, but later I fell in-love with the idea of wearing gold on this celebratory evening event. This dress was once a long maxi-tube dress with a knee-length side slit. I don’t always remember to capture a “before shot” of the dress, before I went to town on it, but I found something similar on the internet for you. The dress that I recycled/re-design used to look similar to the dress pictured below.

One Sleeve Cape Dress

First, I started by cutting the dress to my prefer length (my preference: usually above the knee). I then draped the excess fabric around my shoulder and joined each end, hand-sewing them together on the opposite side.

One Sleeve Cape Dress
One Sleeve Cape Dress
One Sleeve Cape Dress

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Originally Posted by Kimthea L.
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