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Sokhon Lounh – Aspiring Model

Sokhon Lounh

Meet Sokhon Lounh. After being selected to appear in the 2010 Seminole Hard Rock Calendar, Sokhon has aspirations in being a commercial model. Not only is she a beauty, Sokhon is a full time college student studying Dental.

“Well I’m 23 years old and I’m a full time student at Hillsborough Community College, my major is Dental. I’m working part time as a cocktail waitress/calendar girl at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. I love to cook and bake, if I could make lots of money in my kitchen and have my own cooking show on Food Network then forget about me becoming a dental hygienist! I don’t like being bored, so I try to be active as possible. I’m pretty adventurous and I love to try new things at least once in a lifetime.” – Sokhon

Are you a 100% Cambodian?

Sokhon: Who’s really a 100% of anything nowadays? I’m Cambodian & Chinese

Where were you born and where do you reside?

Sokhon: I was born in Seattle, WA and now I reside in Tampa, FL

When did you decide you wanted to become a model?

Sokhon: I decided at the time when I found out that I won the calendar tryouts for Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa. (over 200 girls auditioned and only 20 girls were chosen) I couldn’t believe it!

What type of model do you want to be?

Sokhon: Commercial, Print, Runway and High fashion, If knee surgery existed to help me with my height problem then I’d sign up tomorrow!

What famous models do you admire?

Sokhon: Honestly I don’t know of too many, but I like Tyra Banks! She’s a beautiful, successful and talented model and now has her own T.V show!

What was your first gig or big break?

Sokhon: I’m going to say last year’s SHR calendar got me.

How do you feel about the scarcity of Southeast Asians in the media and TV?

Sokhon: Not sure how I feel about it but maybe Angelia Jolie’s kid Maddox, can help change that in the future!

What is your favorite Khmer dish?

Sokhon: Salaw Machuu

What are your future goals in the modeling industry?

Sokhon: I’d like to become a rich and famous SUPER model but who doesn’t? To keep it realistic, I want to become a commercial/high fashion/print model and if given a chance I’d love to represent Cambodia. I just want to have fun with modeling, make some extra cash on the side and see how far it takes me.

For more about Sokhon Lounh:

Check out Sokhon’s Website

Sokhon Lounh

Sokhon Lounh

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