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GoldenChyld’s Mixtape Release Party

Golden Chyld

GOLDENCHYLD’S MIXTAPE RELEASE PARTY! This event will be held at Club 595 North Feat. Stanza Journey Brave Mighty Network Sherd Ft. The 5ive Sam3dy Phene and many many more! Special Guests by the Outlawz yes… 2pac and dem! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT! …

Hard To Say Goodbye – New single from Rey Vy

Rey Vy

Purchase on Itunes HERE Facebook Originally Posted by Sophia S.

Veronica Ros: Composer, Singer, Songwriter

Veronica Ros

Meet Veronica Ros, composer, singer and songwriter who sings in both Khmer and in English. She has had a love for music from an early start and progressively became better at playing instruments as she got older from practice and …

Khmer Youth Association: Nhatasinh Performance

Khmer Youth Association

The KYA is a non-profit organization that aims to unite the Khmer youths of Florida to ignite interest and excitement in Khmer culture, founded by Dani Thach. This is a student-run organization that invites anyone and everyone to join. Check …

Muk – Prom Teang Alai – Acoustic

Muk – Prom Teang Alai – Acoustic

I was definitely amazed and astounded when I came across their video! I know of others who can speak Khmer who aren’t Cambodian, but these guys resonated a sense of sincerity. They can speak Khmer better than I can! They …

Malcolm J. Cody – Poet of Cambodian Girl Lost

I was busy browsing through YouTube one day and I ran across Malcolm’s video. I’m the kind of person that will watch anything, literally. I was deeply intrigued by the title of his video – Cambodian Girl Lost. If you’re …

Universal Speakers – All Female Hip Hop Group

Universal Speakers

I am an avid YouTuber and I love being entertained! I ran across this group of young ladies who call themselves Universal Speakers. I haven’t seen or heard of an all female Asian rap group, so I decided to listen …

GoldenChyld – Atlanta’s Emerging Hip Hop Artist


Known for his substance rhymes, Atlanta based hip hop artist GoldenChyld (real name Michael Chrouk) by way of California cultivated his southern swag from growing up in the hub of southern rap. Atlanta houses a slew of prolific rap artists …