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DIY: Recycled Plaid Shirt

DIY Recycled Plaid Shirt

This is one of the pieces that I created during my snowed in days. It’s one of my most fun pieces to make because it’s made from a recycled plaid shirt. My husband brought home a bunch of sample sale Ecko Plaid shirts and this was one that wasn’t wearable because it had a big cut in the back. Since he knew I’m a big lover of recycling, he saved it for me. My first idea was to make a decorative pillow shame for my boys but I was glad I waited on that because I had an even better idea…..fringe necklace!

For a more casual look, you can pair this fringe necklace with A solid color shirt & jean or for a evening look, pair it with a solid color dress or skirt. I hope you are inspired to fringe your old plaid shirts.

Happy Fringing!!

DIY Recycled Plaid Shirt

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Originally Posted by Kimthea L.

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