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Emmanuelle Nhean – Abstract Artist

Emmanuelle Nhean

Meet Emmanuelle Nhean, Abstract Artist based in Paris, France. Her figurative abstract oil paintings unites splashes of exotic, rich colors with subjects of the Khmer empire, warriors and Apsara . Emmanuelle’s work has been displayed in various exhibits throughout France and America. She also produces tapestry art and stained glass.

“I always loved to draw. When my her sister was in the fine arts school at Phnom Penh, I watched her work and draw with great passion and enthusiasm. I was a medical student in the fifth year in 1975 at the time of the evacuation of Phnom Penh. I came to France in 1980″. – Emmanuelle

Are you a 100% Cambodian?

Emmanuelle: I am 100% Cambodian.

Where were you born and where do you reside?

Emmanuelle: I was born in Kompong Cham and lived in Phnom Penh. I came to Paris in 1980.

What inspires you?

Emmanuelle: All that touches Art, such as beauty, aesthetics, music, people, and nature

At what age or when did you know you were an artist?

Emmanuelle: I have always loved art , but I decided to become a painter after seeing the works of Vermeer of Delft at the Frick Collection in New York in 1986.

What was your first accomplishment in art?

Emmanuelle: I made a beautiful carpet for our living room by crocheting wire obtained from bags of rice. I was in my first year of medical school. Everyone found it beautiful and avant-garde (“cutting edge”)

What is thought process that you go through before or while producing a piece of art?

Emmanuelle: I set out on an adventure where the main actors are the work and myself. Each has there word to say, and we respect each other mutually. Sometimes it is a war. In the end, I always have the final say. The end point of each work is subjective. Everyone has there point of view. For me, it is a question of harmony and balance. I do not set out to shock (at least not for the moment). At the moment of creation, the opinion of others is always very secondary.

What medium do you use in your artwork?

Emmanuelle: Whatever inspires me at the moment. I have worked in all media: painting of all sorts, stained glass, tapestries, etc.

What is your favorite khmer dish?

Emmanuelle: Prahok

What advice would you give to other who want to pursue fine arts?

Emmanuelle: Work hard and believe in yourself!

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Emmanuelle Nhean

Emmanuelle Nhean

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